Scallop Season


If you are looking for a unique activity that is fun for your entire family, look no further than Taylor County's beautiful and undisturbed coastline and go SCALLOPING!  Taylor County's coastline boasts of approximately 150 miles - 85% of it unspoiled and owned by the State of Florida - shallow Gulf waters that are full of underwater meadows and grass flats; thus, making our waters "Pristine" conditions for scallops to congregate.   Taylor County, established in 1856, is part of Florida's "Nature Coast" and is one of only five counties in Florida where scalloping is still allowed.   If you've never scalloped before, then read on and we will tell you all the information you need to start out your day of family fun and scalloping adventure!

The following is all you need to go scalloping:  a snorkel mask, water shoes, a mesh bag to hold all of your scallops, and a current recreational saltwater fishing license.  You can go by boat as well, just grab all your gear, a dive flag, and head on out into the grass flats (away from fresh water) and search for scallops.   Once you spot one scallop shell, be sure you will find more close by!  Now begin by donning the snorkel gear, get in the water and start looking for the little "blue eyes" blinking up at you from the grass underwater.  When you see a scallop, simply hold your breath, dive down (water is so shallow it averages only two to three feet deep in most spots), lightly grasp the scallop shell, and place in your mesh bag while you surface...and that is all there is to your scalloping adventure!   Pure and simple family fun!

After we help you locate your dream family home in beautiful Taylor County, we can also help you find charters that can take your family out scalloping at reasonable rates.  We can even help you find great prices for your own boat so you can scallop at your family's convenience,  all you have to do is give us a call at our offices: 850-578-2105 or 850-838-3130, and we will be glad to help you!   Scallop season is closed until next June 2016- so we have a place for you and the family to stay for a night, weekend or a week, at our camp site. or you can rent one of our DW or SW homes. and we can also help you fine  your vacation  home today!

Happy Scalloping Season!

- Paul Millard